Maxfield Parrish

Maxfield Parrish along with Howard Pyle, J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell were the most popular illustrators of first half of the 20th C. He was a very private and solitary man. Had 65 years of productivity. Father was an artist. As an adult, lived in Cornish, New Hampshire. Designed and built his own house, The Oaks. Very disciplined artist — arose at dawn. Did ads for Fisk Tires, Jell-O, Colgate (with the Dutch boy), Crane’s Chocolates, calendars for Edison Mazda (printed 1.5 million in 1925). Seemed like every family had a Maxfield Parrish. Didn’t really care for advertising — felt it took too much time and paid too little. He was called the “Businessman with a brush.” Became a landscape painter at the end.