American Art Nouveau

The art poster for ads became hugely popular by the 1890s. In 1891 & 92, Grasset designed covers for Harper’s magazine. They were designed in Paris and shipped to NY to be bound. Englishman Aubrey Beardsley was more popular in America than England.
Biggest practitioners of Art Nouveau in America were British expatriate Louis Rhead and American William Bradley. Bradley was prolific. Critics called him “The American Beardsley.” He often squeezed the type into a rectangular box. From 1905 and on, he became enamoured with American colonial design and layout and devoted most of the rest of his career to pursuing it.
Maxfield Parrish and Howard Pyle also made the scene now. They, along with Norman Rockwell later and Leyendecker, were most popular illustrators of first half of the 20th century. Pyle made over 3,300 illustrations in his long career. He did illustrations for children’s books; four-volume legend of King Arthur, and more.